My goal is to preserve our freedom by empowering each of us.


I believe in our inalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe the primary purpose of government is to protect those rights.

I believe the size, scope, and power of government in New Jersey has far exceeded its proper role.

I believe the time is now - not tomorrow - for us to address our spending, taxes, and debt.

I ask you to join me.

- Pete Rohrman


Gun Control Regulations in New Jersey

A staggering number of 5,000 residents have been killed by guns in New Jersey in the past 10 years. Although the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, the high rates of gun violence imposed more strict gun regulations to control the crime rate in the state with the highest population density. The rules prohibit unregistered guns on the territory of the state. Carrying a firearm must comply with the specific state rules. When dealing with firearms as part of criminal evidence, police reports are requested to be as detailed as possible. The Attorney General's Office is taking active steps to maintain the use of guns within their legal constraints.

Gun Control Regulations in New Jersey

The US has reached an alarming leading position of children raised in single-parent households worldwide. The reason is justified by a decline in the rate of marriages and, consequently, a decrease in the number of children born in a traditional household. The data collected didn't show any connection to other factors like race and religion. According to research, children under 18 years of age living in a single-parent household are at a greater health risk than their peers from 2-parent-households. They are also reportedly more vulnerable from a social and financial point of view and more prone to mental illness.

How Do You Estimate the Cost of Personal Loan?

When you have compared different online loan offers, calculate how much you will be able to pay monthly. The longer the payment term, the lower your monthly installment should be. If you have good credit, your APR will typically be lower, but your current debt is also taken into account when estimating the APR. Having a very good credit history will enable you to take bigger loans. Note that you will also pay an origination fee for loan processing. Adding the total loan amount that you will have to pay back, and the total interest will show you the total cost of your debt.

Cosigning an Auto Loan for a Family Member

Unlike being a joint applicant, cosigning reduces your responsibility for the loan. You do not get updates nor do you need to get involved in paying for the loan, as long as the person you cosign for is making their payments on time. This scenario is ideal if you have a good credit score, that could get the child or sibling you cosign for a lower down payment or interest rates. It will help them qualify for the loan if their income is lower than needed. The risk you are taking is paying off the debt in case they fail to do so, which will negatively affect your credit.

Preparing for Early Retirement

Planning an early retirement starts with monthly expense calculations. Note that without being employed, you will be 100% responsible for your healthcare plan. Being prepared for that extra cost is one of the most overlooked factors. Starting to save up and invest as soon as possible is the shortest way to early retirement. It will involve reducing your current expenses or changing the way you spend money. Setting up a stream of passive income and closing your debt will ensure a smooth transition towards retirement. For a retirement plan without unexpected expenses, consider consulting a financial advisor.



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