Meet the Libertarian candidate for Governor

Pete Rohrman is a second generation American raised in Carlstadt. The grandson of Italian and German immigrants, he was a latch key kid raised in a blue collar family. Football was instrumental in Pete's growth as a student, leader and community member. He often says, "My incredible coaches and experiences as a team player were integral to my character."

In the Marine Corps Pete quickly ascended to Infantry Platoon Sergeant, in charge of 39 expertly trained Marines. Pete studied Computer Science at Rutgers University Newark and has over 10 years of experience as an operations director for a large internet service provider. Pete is a single father raising two teenage boys and a volunteer coach of youth sports.

Meet the Libertarian candidate for Lt. Governor

A New Jersey native and lifelong resident, Karese Laguerre was born in Newark, New Jersey. The eldest of two children and a 1st generation American, Karese was a gifted young student. She began to struggle as a teenager when her family moved to Sayreville, becoming emotionally dependent on her first boyfriend in high school. Two weeks prior to starting college at Hofstra University she discovered she was pregnant with her first child. By the age of 21, Karese was a single mom balancing two kids, work and her education. Three years later, she met and married Matawan resident Harvey Laguerre and they welcomed a daughter.

The couple moved to North Brunswick and settled their new blended family in a two-bedroom apartment. Karese completed her A.A.S. in dental hygiene at the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey. Despite having two incomes, the couple struggled with student loans and the high cost of living in New Jersey. Then, a serious health scare left Karese out of work. Their middle-class income was not enough for them to live comfortably and yet still too much to obtain assistance.

As debt grew, the couple looked to friends and family who had moved to southern states, thriving with a lower cost of living. Karese felt that the state she loved was literally pushing her out by becoming increasingly unaffordable. Done with politics as usual, Karese is ready to forge a path for community government that will ensure New Jersey residents are heard, respected and involved in Trenton.